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Where's a good quality (but affordable) restaurant to eat out at?
thepoorstudenthandbook thepoorstudenthandbook Said:

Hi there,

The Handmade Burger in Lincoln does a 30% discount on a Monday and 15% on other days for students, which is brilliant and plus I hear their food is delicious.

Tower Bar at the Engine shed also do 20% discount every day for students as well, and their grub is pretty good. I definitely recommend their scampi. If you are into pub food the Shed do a £1.99 offer for certain meals on a Wednesday.

If you fancy international cuisine such as Chinese, then Yo Yo in Beijing have special prices for Wednesday lunch.

Hope this helps


Here is the place which will accept your student discount all the time.

The Tower Bar (which is situated in the Engine Shed) does 20% discount at lunch every day for students. It gets better as unlike the Shed, which certain amount of food on the £1.99 Wednesday, the Tower Bar offered everything on the menu.

I ordered the Scampi, like I usually do in a pub nowadays. The service was incredibly quick and as soon as everyone ordered it was literally there in seconds.

The Scampi and peas were probably one of the nicest I’ve ever tasted- it was piping hot (so hot I couldn’t even put it in my mouth). The only off putting thing was the chips- as firstly I’m not a massive fan of chips but these ones were massive.

Another point was that drinks were rather expensive- it was £2 for a J20 Apple and Raspberry. A soft drink in paces like the Shed is only £1.

On the whole however, cheap and I would definately go there again and try something new. 



I’m a really Christmassy person, so since the holidays are coming up, I thought I’d tell you about my 5 top tips for saving money over the festive season.

  1. This may seem obvious, but buy value wrapping paper and bows, remember, the person you’re wrapping presents for is just going to tear all of that off anyway, so there’s no sense in spending loads of money on the best wrapping paper.
  2. Secret Santa is a brilliant way to save money. If you want to get presents for your flatmates, it would be much cheaper to buy for one person than about 5. Plus, it leaves everyone with a present and even the anti-social one in the flat (you know every flat has one!) gets something to open.
  3. Set a limit; try to agree on a price that nobody can go over that works for all those involved. If you set a limit of £10 or £5, it makes things less stressful and less costly for everyone.
  4. A personal tip of mine is to get food or novelty gifts. This works best if you know the person well and get them something you know they’d enjoy or find funny. My example is my flatmate Lee – he’s the youngest in our flat and we’re always joking about him being ‘the baby’ – so for special occasions I get him really childish things that aren’t overly expensive. Last year I got him a Christmas colouring book and some pencils and he loved it.
  5. My final tip is not to have your mind set on what you want to get someone. It’s great to have an idea of what you’re getting people, but don’t be stubborn. If it’s too expensive, try to find something else that they’ll like. 

Happy Holidays!

- Jade

Okay, a lot of people have different ways of making omelettes, but here’s mine.

All you really need is eggs and a filling of your choice - mine is cheese (I’m somewhat of a cheese fiend) and sometimes bacon or salami. You’ll also need a pan, mug, fork and fish slice.

  1. All you need to do for starters is put two or three eggs in a mug and beat them with a fork, then add a little bit of milk to the mix.
  2. Get your hob warmed up and put a tiny bit of oil in a frying pan, enough so that your omelette won’t stick and leave your pan getting more food than you! Then pour your egg mix into the pan.
  3. As it sets on the bottom of the pan, move the set egg with the fish slice, do it quite gently or you’ll end up scrambling it, repeat it a few times to make sure the egg doesn’t stick on the bottom.
  4. When most of the runny egg has set, you can add your filling to it.
  5. Now, I normally slide my fish slice under half of the omelette and fold it over and some people put the flat omelette in the grill to brown off a bit – it’s all about personal preference. 
  6. All you have to do next is serve it up on a plate and enjoy it!

- Jade

Okay, I’ll admit the title seems a little out of place, especially coming from me because I’m not a football fan – but just hear me out.

Lincoln City FC probably isn’t the best team, I’ll give you that, but going to the football with a group of friends is a great day out. Sincil Bank is a reasonable distance from most student accommodation and is always a laugh when you get there.

It costs £7 for a student ticket on the door or £6 for an early bird ticket. You’ll have to take your student card, otherwise they will charge you full price, sometimes people do take pity on you if you’re with a group of other students, but that’s quite rare.

They sell drinks and snacks there at quite a reasonable price and I can personally confirm that the hot dogs are really tasty!

I’ll admit, I only saw Lincoln win 3 games last year and I went fairly often, but I had such a good time and it’s something me and my friends remember really fondly and we still quote the ‘please don’t swear’ announcements (if you go, you’ll understand why, it’s quite funny)

I know £7 seems quite expensive, but it’s cheaper than a club would cost you on Saturdays and it still gets you out of the house, just giving you something to think about.

Hopefully I’m not creating a new wave of football hooligans! Just trying to encourage some booze-free fun!

- Jade

Hello again!

Most people think the weekend is the best time to go out, but when you’re a student it can be pretty pricey. So I decided I’d compare prices on a student night to weekend prices to give you an idea of when it’s best to go out.

Nightclubs tend to have higher entry prices on weekends and little or no drink offers for students. My advice, just relax over the weekend! If you want to go clubbing, go out on an evening where you know you have a late start or day off the next day.

Thursdays are a pretty safe bet with clubs, pretty much all of them have a student night on, which means there’s a variety of places you can go to have a good night.

 Here’s a little insight into what some of the clubs offer:

  • Wahoo:

Rubix: £1.50 Kronenbourg, VK’s and vodka mixers and £2 for bombs

£3 entry before 12, £4 after

  • Tokyo

Ctrl, Alt + Del: £1 selected shots, £1.50 beers, bottles, spirit + mixer and Jaeger-bombs (Also can get 4 for £5)

£2 entry before 11pm

  • Home

Billionaire: £1 selected shots, £1.50 tuborg and vodka +mixers and £2.50 for cocktails.

£3 entry before 11.30pm at Union and £3.50 for Billionaire

A few of the clubs didn’t really like telling me their Saturday rates, but here a couple so you can compare:

  • Ritzy: between £4.50 and £6.50 entry
  • Tokyo often has events on Saturdays, so prices can sometimes be between £9 and £12

Other pub/club deals which are pretty handy to know about:

  • L4: £1 beer bottles and tequila slammers, £2.50 cocktails and Jaeger-bombs.
  • William Foster: Quids In, Wednesday after 8pm
  • Walkabout: Quids In, Sunday 

Have fun out there!

- Jade

My Next baby pink blouse £1 from the RSPCA in Lincoln

- Katie

My charity shop purchase - a Pineapple dance top for £3

- Katie

ew27 replied to your post: Cheap student nightlife - Tuesday

you forgot that everything is half price in Dogma on & a shot of 6 shots in revs is £5 on tuesdays too :)

It is inevitable that at some point during education, students will want to go out on the town and forget all their working woes. Here is a selection of what Lincoln has to offer for students on a Tuesday night. Enjoy at your own risk :)

Event Details:
Fuzzy Logic; the UK’s biggest student night. Expect mayhem, games, cheap drinks and some of the best music around including the best in mainstream dance and electro, RnB & Indie.

Drink Offers:

·         £2.00 – Jagerbomb / Vodka Red Bull

·         £2.00 – Tequila / Sambuca / Jack Daniels

·         £2.00 – VK Flavours / Stella

·         £3.10 – Double Vodka Red Bull

£4.50 / £3.50 NUS. Buy online and save 25%.


Pulse Ritzy JJ’s

11 Silver Street



01522 522314 ()


Event Details:

UNION is 3 epic events under one roof and is ready and primed to become Lincoln’s biggest weekly blowout. HUGE Dj’s and HUGE personalities, in a HUGE club, and the best bit…TINY prices.


Wristbands are £5 and will entitle the wearer to weekly discounts. Available from reps:

Without a wristband it is £3 before 11.30pm and the fee goes up after the set time.


Home Lincoln

Park Street



01234 567 890

Event Details:

A night that was designed to go easy on your pocket. The best of Indie, Pop, Electro and RnB from the decades you’ve been alive for and a few before that.

Drinks Offers:

·         £1 Pints (9-11pm)

·         £1 Vodka & mixer

·         £1 Jack Daniels & mixer

·         £1 Corkys Shots

·         £1.50 Kronenbourg

·         £1.50 Jagerbombs


£1 entry before 12am with sticker or wristband.

£1 before 11pm without a sticker or wristband.



13-14 Silver Street



01522 519122